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Ingrowing Toenails

Do you or one of your family suffer from ingrowing toenails?


They really hurt don’t they? Ingrowing nails can lead to infection and complication, so don’t suffer in silence.

Many “urban myths” exist around their treatment; cutting a “V” in the nail, using magnoplasm to “draw” the nail out etc. and they don’t really work.

Conservative treatment by Podiatrist’s can settle the problem, and small nail surgery can fix it permanently as in this second photo.

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At Darwin Podiatry we treat this problem everyday, don’t suffer unnecessarily.

Are Your Nails Discoloured or Thickened?


Damage occurs easily to our nails over our lifetime. From trauma to infection, disease to shoe damage; our poor nails really cop it! If you are finding it harder to cut your nails, if they crumble easily or don’t grow up so much as out now days you do really need some help.



Nail conditions are treatable. You may need expert advice so don’t wait come and see our friendly Podiatrist’s today, they really have seen it all when it comes to feet...you can’t shock us at Darwin Podiatry!

Summer Feet

Take the heat out of your feet

Giving your feet the chance to breathe and relax in the humid build-up of the Northern Territory is essential. Try some contoured foot bed sandals and thongs.

Take care of your feet with rest and exercise

Sitting with your feet up for 10 minutes after a long day helps circulation.

Calf stretches and circling your ankles and/ or curling your toes help to keep feet supple and keep a good range of movement.

Circle the alphabet with your feet. (A good exercise you can do while sitting at your desk in the office.)

Following a daily routine to keep your feet clean and free from infection will help prevent potential foot problems.

Treat blisters, minor cuts or abrasions by cleaning and applying antiseptic to them, covering the area with a clean dry dressing. Id a wound is taking more than 48 hours to improve see professional help.

At Darwin Podiatry we have your summer foot care needs covered!

What is Gout and does it affect the feet?

Gout is an inflammatory arthritis characterised by swollen, painful, red and hot joints usually in one foot at a time.  It is caused by a build-up of uric acid in the joint structures. The most common location for gouty arthritis is inflammation of the joint at the base of the great toe (first metatarsal phalangeal joint) but the small joints in the toes, midfoot and ankle can be affected also. The prevalence of gout is rising in the Australian population and many “urban myths” surround its triggers exist however reducing your alcohol and tomato intake is not the only treatment going!

It is essential to drink enough water when living in the tropics to avoid dehydration and to ensure your fibre and whole food intact is adequate also.

Podiatrists help suffers of gout gain a diagnosis, and offer supportive shoes and offloading insoles to reduce foot pain associated with painful joints.


If your foot periodically looks like this, do not suffer in silence, we are here to help at Darwin Podiatry!

Frankie 4’s Julia in Black

Here at Darwin Podiatry we love a good Julia!

Not this one

blog 4

This one

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Frankie 4’s Julia in Black is here at Darwin Podiatry. Come in now.

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