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Seniors Week

September 8-12 Seniors Week

Seniors Week

Let us help keep you active. Happy Senior’s Week!

Your feet are vital to a healthy life at ANY age.

First Foot Checks

Feet are constantly developing and changing.

First Foot Checks

Anytime you are concerned about your child’s feet come and see us at Darwin Podiatry.

We see newborn’s to teenagers!

Frankie 4 Ellie Shoes

Be the happest lady in Side Show Alley this Darwin Show in the oh- so- pretty and dreamingly comfortable Frankie 4 Ellie Shoes.

Frankie 4 Ellie Shoes

These and others available at Darwin Podiatry today!

Do I Need New Trainers?


If yours look anything like this then YES!!!!! Once the shoe distorts with activity, wears out along the sole, has a stretched or broken upper surface, has lost grip, or smells then YES PLEASE REPLACE!

Choosing sports shoes these days almost requires a Podiatry degree and a small bank loan. Don’t buy the wrong kind that may contribute to foot or lower limb injury, or fall for those pretty colours!  Come to Darwin Podiatry and have your foot alignment and walking style assessed and be referred for the RIGHT KIND OF SHOES for your chosen activities.

Back to School

As school begins again remember to check your children’s shoes are still in good condition and still fit before the first day!

This is a sign your little one has grown over the break…

back to school

Visit Darwin Podiatry for all your children’s footwear and foot care questions.

Remember if your child has grown out of their shoes and also have orthotics these are likely to be too small to function well also.


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