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Darwin Podiatry is the oldest and largest foot care clinic in the Territory. We are passionate about providing gold standard health care to ensure pain-free activity for people of all ages. As a specialist clinic, Darwin Podiatry deals exclusively with conditions affecting the foot and ankle, as well as treating problems associated with the shins, knees, hips, and lower back which result from the influence of foot function. We would like to be thought of as a one stop shop for lower limb issues. Whatever your ailment, if it’s the lower limb, we are sure we can help.

Reasons to visit

We make your life healthy and active with happy feet.

Ankle Pain

Ankle sprains are commonly under-treated causing a person lifelong ankle weakness and risk of re-injury.

Arch & Heel Pain

Pain or aching in your heels especially first thing in the morning? Fallen or flat arches that ache at the end of the day?


Bunions are caused by complex foot biomechanical issues, hereditary foot factors, shoe and activity influences.

Children’s Feet

Our littlest patients are very important to us. We treat foot and leg pain, nail and skin conditions…

Diabetic foot assessments

Are you a diabetic? Did  you know that you need your feet checked at least annually…

Forefoot Pain

The forefoot structure combines small bones, narrow spaces for nerves, and complex webs…


Learn more about some of our solutions

Exercise Therapy

Physical activity and exercise are important to health and the prevention and treatment of…

Dry Needling

Dry needling works by directly inserting the fine needles into “trigger points” of the muscle…

Foot Surgery

From time to time, some foot conditions are structural and conservative therapy is not quite enough…

Laser Treatment for Fungal nails

Laser treatment uses infrared radiation causing fungal cell death. The most patient-friendly…

Laser treatment for injuries

Laser has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation as well as stimulate nerve regeneration…

Mobilisations / Manipulations

Foot Mobilisation techniques (FMT) is a manual “hands on” therapy specifically developed to improve…

You can select both clinics according to your preference.
You can select both clinics according to your preference.