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EXO-L Brace

The EXO-L acts as an external ankle ligament that tensions when lateral stability is compromised, effectively becoming a seat belt to protect you at the moment you are about to roll your ankle – without affecting your freedom of movement in other directions.

A 3D digital scan is taken to produce a custom device, so you no longer have to compromise comfort for protection. No need for strapping, or bulky ankle braces, and can easily be used in conjunction with orthoses.

A small patch is stitched to your footwear to anchor the brace. The cuff is easy to apply and only takes a few seconds to tension. 

The EXO-L is perfect for the prevention of lateral ankle injuries for avid bushwalkers, weekend warriors, elite athletes, an alternative to surgery, and post-surgical rehab.

Excellent protection for any sports that require lateral movement – e.g., netball, hockey, tennis, basketball* and soccer. At this stage, the EXO-L cannot be used during the competitive games of contact sports, however is suitable for non-contact training.

*Not suitable for high top shoes


The EXO-L UP is a comfortable AFO that can assist patients that have neurological disorders, such as foot drop or cerebral palsy.

The lateral anchor patch is combined with a second patch on the top of the footwear, and two cords, to prevent inversion and plantarflexion of the ankle to improve foot clearance during gait. Smaller and lighter than other AFOs, the EXO-L UP is easy to use and low profile.

What is the Process?

A 3D scan of the ankle is taken by a podiatrist. The scan is checked for suitability before being emailed to Belgium. The scan file is then used to engineer the brace for 3D, or additive printing, in Adelaide. The brace is robust and lightweight, inspected individually, guaranteeing the best quality product.

Following the initial appointment, the patient is then directed to a local bootmaker to have the patches stitched to suitable footwear. The podiatrist will detail the footwear that is suitable.

A fitting appointment is made 4 weeks from the initial scan, and the podiatrist will ensure perfect fit, and observe the gait following fitting.

A 12-month review is recommended to assess the durability of the brace and its components (cord, EVA padding, footwear patch). Components can be replaced as required for an additional fee.

If you would like more information about the bracing systems available at Darwin Podiatry, please call our rooms on 8941 9955 to book an appointment.

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You can select both clinics according to your preference.
You can select both clinics according to your preference.