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Sally Sunits

Principal Podiatrist/ Director

Sally loves all aspects of podiatry practice, especially a complicated case! She also loves to come to work for a good chat! When not at work she loves spending time with her husband, Matthew, and their little boy, Charlie.

Kristie Mackay


With over 20 years clinical experience Kristie enjoys the diversity of being a podiatrist in the NT, working with children through to the elderly and everyone in between. When Kristie is not at work or busy being mum to three she likes to keep active, enjoying the exercise track along Nightcliff foreshore and playing netball at Marrara.

Nigel Ramic


Nigel enjoys all aspects of Podiatry but has a special interest in Biomechanics. When Nigel is not working he loves to watch the cricket and footy and spend time with the two most important girls in his life, his daughter Ava and partner Brooke.

Stephanie Hamilton

Podiatrist/Clinical Standards Manager

Stephanie takes advantage of this technological world and works remotely, . She enjoys not sweating everyday in Darwin, spending time with her precious family but misses all the good chats with patient’s and staff at Darwin Podiatry!

Catherine Barraclough


Catherine enjoys all aspects of Podiatry, especially paediatrics, general care, and nail surgeries. She loves spending time with clients to make their feet happy and healthy. When not at work Catherine enjoys water sports and catching up with friends.

Jessica Stevens


Jess hails from Moama, NSW and is interested in all aspects of Podiatry. She takes great joy in helping people of all ages. Jess was awarded a SARRAH scholarship during her studies and has a keen interest in rural and remote health. When not at work she is a keen adventurer and enjoys all activities in the great outdoors and travelling!

Renee Thorpe


Renee is from South Australia and is joined our team in 2016. She is passionate about providing high quality care and knowledge of all aspects of podiatry whilst building a rapport with people. She is excited about her transition to the NT where she will enjoy her involvement in team sports and the local musical scene.

Mia Harmsen

Practice Manager

Mia enjoys all the different challenges of her job and always manages to keep a smile on her face. When Mia is not at work she loves to spend time with her gorgeous grand daughters, Savannah and Sophie. Mia has now become an expert at colouring in!

Bernadette Deigan


Bernadette enjoys being able to meet and greet all our lovely patients and eying off all the great shoes when at work! She like spending time with her family and even her 3 teenagers, who are lovely! When she gets a minute to herself she loves a good book.

Sarah Minehan


Sarah loves sharing the excitement with the patients that come in and see all the beautiful shoes we sell that are good for their feet! When I’m not at work I enjoying exploring the outdoors with my husband!

Lenore Dawes


Lenore is the newest member of our admin team and is eagerly learning new tasks. When not at work loves to spend time with her grand daughter Savannah or indulge in a quick trip to Bali.

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