Qualities That Make A Good Shoe

Qualities That Make A Good Shoe

It can often be a daunting prospect to choose new shoes for children, for school and sport. There are so many options! Not only do the shoes have to fit properly (see our post on Buying School shoes) they have to look good, feel comfortable and be up to the schools standards.

Active children are especially hard on shoes, which may see shoes wear quicker than expected. In order to get the most out of your children’s shoes, you need to select shoes that can handle the classroom as well as the playground! Below are some features that will help you to select durable footwear for your children;


An unstable shoe will wear faster as the foot moves around inside the shoe, damaging the stitching used to hold the shoe together.  Choose a fastening device that is appropriate for age and activity. Elastic, buckles, Velcro and laces are used to help shoes be more stable and should tightened firmly.

Firm heel counter

The heel counter should be firm, but not solid or flimsy. Test the heel counter by pushing the heel towards the toe, and squeezing the sides together. A little movement is good, but too much and the shoe will not last, not enough and it will not be comfortable for activity.


The outsole is exposed to the ground and helps provide grip. There are many different types of materials used to make outsoles, some are thick, some are thin, some are soft, some are hard. By checking the wear pattern from previous shoes, you will be able to see how the outsoles wears. If it wears quickly due to high activity, then choosing a thicker or harder outsole will increase durability.


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